Our offer:

- visual identification (logo, business cards, promotion materials)

- posters

- advertising materials

- banners

- website's layouts

Design process:

We base our work on User Centered Design methodology and principles of User Experience. This approach assumes that the design process focuses on peoples and their needs. It lays emphasis on functionality and usability of created projects. Below you can see what steps passes every project that we execute.


Phase in which we collect data about the project, target group, needs and challenges of the project and also its strong points and key values. This data are then submitted to in-depth analysis which allows us to create a project that fits your business and answers your clients' needs.

In this phase, the key role play information obtained from you because no one knows your industry and target group better than you - and these data will be the base of the project. Only after gathering the basic information about the project we are able to make a valuation of the project - the amount and type of materials needed to execute the project plays an important role here.


In this phase, thanks to gathered data, we are able to define the most important goals of a project and challenges which it will address.


It's where the magic begins - we start to generate as many ideas as possible, we do not restrict ourselves to obvious and easy solutions, but we challenge ourselves to come up with the best solution, which will meet project's goals and business objectives. Afterwards, we systematically eliminate ideas and choose the best one to polish.


After choosing and polishing the best idea, we move on to its presentation. At this point, you will be able to see how the completed project will look like. If the project requires additional work like printing or coding we are here to also help you with this.